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  • The Dream We Carry

    15/10/2019 Speech/statement Office of the Prime Minister

    Speech by Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair, 15 October 2019.

    By Prime Minister Erna Solberg Frankfurt

  • Sami cultural policy

    15/10/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation has overall responsibility for the coordination of national Sami policy. The Ministry of Culture has sectoral responsibility for Sami art and culture.

  • Sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression

    14/10/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    Everyone is to have equal rights, irrespective of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

  • National Budget 2020: Full speed ahead in road and rail construction

    14/10/2019 Press release Ministry of Transport

    “The Government plans to continue its efforts to develop our nation and build a sustainable welfare society. This requires modern infrastructure, with efficient and safe transport options. We continue our efforts to improve the transport sector,

  • The Vocational Education Act

    14/10/2019 Law Ministry of Education and Research

    The objective of this Act is to ensure the provision of high quality tertiary vocational education and satisfactory conditions for students of tertiary vocational education.

    Read act at

  • The Independent Schools Act

    14/10/2019 Law Ministry of Education and Research

    The objective of this Act is to help facilitate the establishment and operation of independent schools, so that parents and pupils may choose other schools than the government schools, cf. Section 2 no. 2 of the (Norwegian) Human Rights Act.

    Read act at

  • The Student Financial Aid Act

    14/10/2019 Law Ministry of Education and Research

    The purpose of the student financial aid system is to contribute to equal opportunity to education regardless of geographical circumstances, age, gender, disability, financial and social circumstances.

    Read act at

  • The Professional Qualifications Act

    14/10/2019 Law Ministry of Education and Research

    The purpose of this Act is to allow professionals who are nationals of an EEA State or Switzerland to exercise their profession in Norway under the same conditions as professionals who obtained their professional qualifications in Norway, in

    Read act at

  • Launch of strategy to combat harmful practices

    11/10/2019 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Government launched its new strategy to combat harmful practices on the UN’s International Day of the Girl Child.

  • Statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs on the situation in northeastern Syria

    11/10/2019 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norway is deeply concerned about Turkey’s unilateral military operation in northeastern Syria. We call on Turkey to cease this operation immediately and to respect international law. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs conveyed these views to the

  • Web TV

    Prime Minister congratulates Abiy Ahmed on Nobel Peace Prize

    11/10/2019 News story Office of the Prime Minister

    ‘The Norwegian Nobel Committee today announced that it has awarded the Peace Prize for 2019 to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. On behalf of the Norwegian Government, I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Abiy,’ said Prime Minister

  • Temporary regulations to ensure continued right of residence for British citizens in Norway

    11/10/2019 News story Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has adopted a temporary regulation ensuring the right of continued residence for British citizens living in Norway and their family members.

  • Seminar: Hard law/Soft law – where next for business and human rights?

    10.10.2019 Separate website Ansvarlig Næringsliv

    Diskusjoner om «hard law / soft law» med hensyn til næringsliv og menneskerettigheter er svært aktuelt både internasjonalt og i Norge, eksempelvis relatert til lovgivning på moderne slaveri, informasjonsplikt for næringslivet, samt sivilsamfunnets

  • Norway to provide bridging loan to Somalia

    10/10/2019 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Government has proposed that Norway should provide a short-term bridging loan of NOK 3.135 billion to Somalia in 2020 to clear Somalia’s debt arrears to the World Bank’s International Development Association. Technically, this is a loan to

  • ESRB warns of housing market vulnerabilities in Norway

    10/10/2019 News story Ministry of Finance

    The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) has issued a warning on medium-term residential real estate sector vulnerabilities in Norway. The ESRB said that these vulnerabilities may be a source of systemic risk to financial stability.

  • Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability (ACCTS)

    09/10/2019 Article

    Norway, together with New Zealand, Costa Rica, Fiji and Iceland, has agreed to start negotiations on an ambitious, binding agreement on climate change, trade and sustainability.

  • Statement at the Nordic-African Business Association Summit

    08/10/2019 Speech/statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide held the opening statement at the Nordic-African Business Association Summit (Naba-Summit) in Oslo 8 October 2019.

    By Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide Naba-Summit, Oslo 8 October 2019

  • Market Value

    08/10/2019 Article Ministry of Finance

    The market value of the GPFG equalled 9,160 billion Norwegian kroner at the end of the first half of 2019. Investments in equities, fixed-income and unlisted real estate corresponded to 6,350 billion, about 2,560 billion and 250 billion kroner,

  • Scenarioene for offentlig sektor 2040 blir levende

    08.10.2019 Separate website Innovasjon i offentlig sektor

    Som en del av meldingsarbeidet har Kommunal- og moderniseringsdepartementet (KMD) tatt i bruk strategisk framsyn og scenariometodikk. Resultatet er fire scenarioer som går langs de to aksene tillit i samfunnet og endring i offentlig sektor, og viser

  • Kræsjkurs i ansvarlig næringsliv

    07.10.2019 Separate website Ansvarlig Næringsliv

    Frode Elgesem, leder av Kontaktpunktet (bildet), vil holde innledning på kurset, i tillegg til Roar Haugland, Executive Vice President i Scatec Solar. Kurset Ansvarlighet i møte med mennesker, samfunn og miljø vil gi kunnskap om internasjonale

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