Government conference on 21 April 2016: Transport solutions for the future

‘The Government wants to ensure that Norway’s transport system is safe, promotes value creation and helps achieve the transition to a low-emission society. The Government conference on 21 April will provide input on how this can be achieved in practice and help ensure that we obtain the best ideas on how this can be solved,’ says Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Minister of Transport and Communications.

‘I am glad to be able to present such a varied and interesting programme. It is crucial to ensure that we have a political driving force that promotes enhanced collaboration across industries and national borders. Anthony Foxx, US Secretary of Transportation, and Elon Musk from Tesla Motors will attend, along with a number of other national and international experts,’ says the Minister of Transport and Communications.

There will be presentations by Kristin Skogen Lund from the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Bjørn Kjos from Norwegian Air Shuttle, Richard Harris from Xerox, Abraham Foss from Telia and Anne Berner, Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications, and others.

Conference programme

Live streaming

Which technologies will win the race? Who will be the supplier of the transport solutions of the future?

‘We will learn from each other, but it is also important for us to open doors to industry and show what Norway has to offer. We have numerous enterprises and public agencies that are at the forefront in developing technology that helps improve the way in which we use and construct our infrastructure,’ says the Minister of Transport and Communications.

Three conferences on green transition

Recession in the petroleum industry, an ageing population, rising unemployment and a strong global climate agreement increase the need for adaptation in Norway. The Government draws attention to the opportunities in three conferences on green transition on 21 April, 10 May and 7 September 2016.