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Norwegian Government Secretariats

1814 -

For details on this we refer to the chapters "Norway's Council of State after the Dissolution of the Danish-Norwegian Realm 1814", "Norway's Council of State during the Union with Sweden 1814-1905" and "Norway's Council of State during and after the Dissolution of the Union with Sweden 1905".

State Secretariat/Secretariat to the Government
2 March 1814 - 1 July 1969

Government Secretariat's Chancery in Stockholm
30 November 1814 - 1906

Secretary to the President of the Norwegian Government/
Secretary to the Prime Minister
1 July 1829 - 1906
Tasks transferred to ministry headed by the Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister
2 October 1939 -
Tasks handeled by various secretaries during exile in London 1940-1945.
From 1 July 1969 also covering tasks transferred from the Secretariat to the Council of State.