Regulation No 817 of 5 July 2012 on approval of motor vehicles and their trailers (bilforskriften)

The technical requirements according to Directive 2007/46/EC are implemented through this regulation

Requirements for lights in addition to UNECE 48 and sound signal.

In addition to lighting equipment as shown in Annex IV additional lighting and reflecting equipment as referred to Vehicles Regulation Section 28-1 No. 4 may be fitted to motor vehicles and trailers for motor vehicles and be employed in conformity with their purpose when being used. Other lighting equipment is not permitted.

For sirens on emergency vehicles the Vehicles Regulation Section 29-1 applies.

For roof-mounted lights for taxis the Vehicle Regulation Section 28-4 No. 12 applies.

Should additional equipment be fitted at the time of approval, see Chapter 2, conformity with the requirements governing such equipment shall be documented as part of the approval.

Approved winter tires can be equipped with studs. The technical requirements for each stud, and the number of studs in each tire are given in the regulation.