Here you can find the annual state ownership report, white papers on state ownership and other relevant documents.

The State ownership report is an annual report of the State’s direct ownership and allows you to read about the strategies, performance, financial development and important events for the respective companies. It is intended to increase knowledge about both the ministries’ administration of the State’s ownership and about the individual companies. The ownership report has been available in English since 2005.

The following White Papers on Ownership Policy are available in English.

The revised guidelines for the remuneration of senior executives in companies with direct state ownership were adopted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries on 12 December 2022.

The State’s Guidelines for the Remuneration of Senior Executives in Companies with Direct State Ownership (12 December 2022)

The former guidelines are available here:

The State's Guidelines for the Remuneration of Senior Executives in Companies with State Ownership (30 April 2021)

The State's Guidelines for Remuneration of Senior Executives in Companies with State Ownership (13 February 2015)


The Government’s Ownership Policy is a document that spells out the Government’s ownership policy as set out in the relevant government White Papers and approved by the Storting

OECD Corporate Governance of state-owned enterprises

OECD Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises

Good governance of state-owned enterprises is essential to ensure their contribution to economic efficiency and growth. OECD is the world's leading standard setter in this respect.

The OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises give concrete advice to countries on how to manage more effectively their responsibilities as company owners, thus helping to make state-owned enterprises more competitive, efficient and transparent.

OECD Guidelines on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in State-Owned Enterprises can help states to ensure that owners exemplify integrity in their conduct, that ownership arrangements are conducive to integrity, that SOEs adhere to good practices at the SOE level and that accountability mechanisms are integral to SOE sectors.