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Information on the child

All parents will regularly be in contact with public bodies and need to obtain information on the child. The individual parent's right to information will depend on who has parental responsibility for the child.

Taking good care of a child requires knowledge about the child's situation and possible problems.

Parents with parental responsibility are to make decisions for the child in to personal matters. Parents with shared parental responsibility are to make such decisions together. They have equal rights to information on the child from public bodies. Parents with parental responsibility can, among other things, demand access to a young child's medical journal and school folder. As the child grows older, he/she achieves more right to self-determination and is therefore entitled to greater confidentiality.

If one of the parents has sole parental responsibility, this parent is to give the other parent information on the child if asked.

The obligation to provide information also applies to schools, kindergartens, health and social welfare services and the police. Information that is subject to a duty of confidentiality to protect the child is exempt from this obligation. The authorities may also refuse to provide information if this may be harmful for the child. A refusal may be appealed against to the County Governor.