Introduction programme

The goal is to give the individual basic skills in the Norwegian language and a fundamental insight into Norwegian social conditions and to prepare him/her for work or education.

Who is covered by the programme?

The target group consists of persons between 18 and 55 years who:

  • have been granted asylum and thus the status of a refugee
  • are resettlement refugees
  • have been granted a residence permit on humanitarian grounds following an application for asylum
  • are reunited with the groups mentioned above as part of a family reunion
  • following the breakdown of a marriage or cohabitation, have been granted a residence permit on an independent basis due to abuse in the marriage or cohabitation (as from 1 July 2011)

Those who are in the target group for the scheme and require basic qualifications have a right and obligation to take part in the introduction programme.

The municipality's responsibilities

The municipality is obliged to arrange for an introduction programme for newly arrived immigrants in the target group who live in the municipality. The Introduction Act at the same time gives the municipalities a legal framework for the integration work. The right to take part in the introduction programme only applies in the first municipality where the immigrant settles.

The content of the programme

The introduction programme is individually adapted full-time skill acquisition and its goal is to increase the possibility of newly arrived immigrants participating in working and social life and to increase their financial independence. The main elements of the programme are Norwegian-language and social studies training and measures that prepare the participant for further training/education or work.

Participation triggers a right to introduction benefit

Participation in the programme entitles the participant to introduction benefit. The annual benefit equals twice the National Insurance basic amount. Participants under 25 years of age receive 2/3 of the benefit. The benefit is taxable.