Reform of local government

In 2014, a broad majority in the Parliament supported the government’s description of the need for a reform, and the main elements of a reform process. Further, it was decided that also the regional level would be part of the reform process. A part of the reform is also to transfer tasks to the municipal level.

A main aim of the local government reform is to reduce the number of municipalities from the present 428.

The goals for the local government reform are:

  • Good, equal services for inhabitants, today and in the future
  • Comprehensive and coordinated community development, in both larger and smaller municipalities
  •  Sustainable and financially solid municipalities
  •  Strengthen local democracy, and give the municipalities more power

In april 2017 the government proposes a new municipal structure to the Parliament for both municipalities and counties. The government also proposes to transfer certain tasks to the municipalities.

Summaries of these proposals will soon be published in english here.

Other translated documents:

Municipal proposition 2015 – Local government reform (pdf)

Report to the Storting 14 (2014-2015) The Local government Reform – New Tasks for Larger Municipalities (pdf)