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  • Norway-EU energy cooperation

    07/10/2021 Article Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    Norway has a close cooperation with the EU on energy issues, and is part of the internal energy market through the EEA agreement. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has regular contact with the Commission. The Norwegian Minister and the EU

  • Legalisation

    07/10/2021 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norwegian documents that are to be submitted to authorities abroad can be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Troika Statement on the Anniversary of the Juba Peace Agreement 3rd October 2021

    03/10/2021 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The United States, the United Kingdom, and Norway (the Troika) commend the Sudanese as they celebrate the first anniversary of the signing of Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) on October 3, 2020.  This historic agreement responds to the Sudanese people’s 

  • Operation of scheduled regional air services in Northern Norway from  1 April 2022

    30/09/2021 Call for tender Ministry of Transport

    The Ministry of Transport published an invitation to tender procedure on September 30, 2021 for the operation of scheduled regional air services in Northern Norway from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2024.

  • Nordic cooperation

    29/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    The Nordic Council of Ministers is the key platform for Nordic cultural cooperation. Culture and the arts are the very cornerstones of the Nordic community.

  • Further growth and enhanced quality - strategy for tertiary vocational education

    28/09/2021 Plans/strategy Ministry of Education and Research

    The Government wants to see growth in the vocational college sector, and its ambition is for the quality of vocational colleges to be increased in step with this growth. The purpose of this strategy is to devise a framework for the development of

  • The Venezuelan Negotiation Process

    27/09/2021 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Venezuelan government and opposition have initiated negotiations on a comprehensive solution to the crisis in the country.

  • Supervision, control and monitoring

    24/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    The Norwegian Gambling Authority was established in 2001 as a supervisory body for the administration and oversight of private lotteries and state-controlled gaming. The Storting’s intention was to strengthen controls in the growing gaming and

  • Gaming in Norway

    24/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    The Norwegian gaming policy is founded on social responsibility. It seeks to safeguard the needs of persons addicted to gaming while also ensuring necessary adaptation to technological developments.

  • The role of Norsk Tipping

    24/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    Norsk Tipping is a government-owned limited company that holds exclusive rights to a number of games being offered in Norway.

  • Museums and cultural heritage

    24/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    Our museums are an expression of society’s development, the self-esteem of a nation, and the standard for freedom of expression and democracy in the community. These institutions form democratic girders in society, constituting part of the crucial

  • Friends of Sudan Statement

    23/09/2021 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Friends of Sudan condemn attempts to undermine Sudan’s peaceful political transition.

  • Budget day

    22/09/2021 Article

    Norway's National Budget for 2022 will be published on these pages on 12 October 2021. This is an overview of the most important budget day publications:

  • Special sporting activities

    22/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    Information of anti-doping work, grants for social inclusion in sports, grants for measures concerning groups with special needs and outdoor recreation for children and adolescents.

  • Distribution of gaming funds for sporting purposes (the main distribution)

    21/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    Gaming proceeds from Norsk Tipping are distributed as follows: First, 6.4 percent is distributed to health and rehabilitation projects. Of the remainder, 64 percent is allocated to sporting purposes, 18 percent to culture purposes and 18 percent to

  • Contributions to the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NOC)

    20/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    NOC is the principal partner for the state government in matters concerning organized sport.

  • Norway’s main priorities for the 76th session of the UN General Assembly

    20/09/2021 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Here are Norway's main priorities for the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. There will only be a few physical meetings during the week of high-level meetings held in connection with the General Debate from 21-28 September. The Norwegian

  • Sami cultural policy

    17/09/2021 Article Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation has overall responsibility for the coordination of national Sami policy. The Ministry of Culture has sectoral responsibility for Sami art and culture.

  • Change of Government in Norway

    15/09/2021 Article

    A government must have its basis in the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting. The Storting majority thus has a decisive influence on the formation and the dismissal of  governments.

  • The Safe Schools Declaration

    15/09/2021 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Safe Schools Declaration was developed through a process led by Argentina and Norway, with the objective of avoiding military use of schools and strengthen protection of children and education in conflict. The declaration was launched at the