- Ukrainian fighter pilots will begin their training in Denmark with Norwegian F-16`s.

Defence minister Bjørn Arild Gram visited the airfield in Bodø this week, where the remaining preparations for the F-16s are being conducted before a mission. Norway is presenting two F-16 fighter jets that will train and educate Ukrainian personnel in Denmark. Norway is also sending down ten instructors that will aid in the training and education. – The contribution of F-16 from the military sector is nothing more than impressive, states the defence minister.

The Norwegian government has decided that it will aid Ukraine in developing a modern air force, with the long-term goal for Ukraine to establish a lasting defence without the need for international support. This will be of vital importance to European security and stability. This aid will happen trough different frames of international support lead by the US, Denmark and The Netherlands. Norway has decided to follow Denmark, Belgium and The Netherlands and will also be donating F-16s to Ukraine, and the training and education of pilots is an important part of the donation.

Flere av F-16 flyene skal til Danmark for utdannelse av ukrainske piloter. Forsvarsminister Bjørn Arild Gram (Sp) var med på en av de siste turene før de  reiser.
Two F-16s will arrive in Denmark for education of Ukrainian pilots. Defense minister Bjørn Arild Gram was a passenger on one of the last flights before they travel to Denmark Credit: Marti n Melquilst, Forsvaret

-Ukrainian pilots have experience with a different fighter jet and will now be trained to use the F-16 systems. At the same time, Ukrainian technicians will be trained in Denmark, USA and Belgium. Allied partners and states will work day and night with the goal of establishing a lasting and modern air force for Ukraine, says Gram.

Forsvarsministeren på vei inn til sin første og siste tur i en F-16
The Defence minister on his way for his first and final ride in a F-16 Credit: Martin Mellquist, Forsvaret

Training of pilots will be done in Denmark

The Norwegian Air Force has already presented instructors that will take part in the training, which will take place in Skyldstrup. This program is multinational and will be led by Denmark. - The span of this deployment to Denmark will be decided through dialog with the other partners of this program, says the defence minister.

Forsvarsminister Bjørn Arild Gram (Sp) klar for baksete tur i F-16
Defence minister Bjørn Arild Gram seen from the backseat of the F-16 Credit: Martin Mellquist, Forsvaret

- Ukraine has for a considerable period requested support for the establishment of a modern air force. This is necessary for the country to ensure its own security. Such an independent Ukrainian capability will also be crucial for broader European stability and security.