Address on Colombia at the UN  Security Council

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt's address on Colombia at the UN Security Council meeting 12 October.


We thank Mr Massieu for his briefing. Congratulations to President Gustavo Petro, represented here today by Foreign Minister Leyva, on his election victory. A warm welcome to you, Foreign Minister.

As a former Minister of Equality, I would first like to commend Colombia for taking a major step towards inclusiveness. A cabinet with gender parity is a sign of a Government // that takes equality seriously.

Women’s representation in Congress // is equally encouraging. One out of three members is a woman.

We also celebrate the first meeting of the CSIVI.The new Government // and the representatives of the former Farc-EP // renewed their unconditional commitment to the Peace Agreement.

This and the other bilateral arenas for dialogue must be used effectively. They are crucial to the successful implementation of the Peace Agreement.


Peace is at the top of President Petro’s agenda. His flagship policy ‘total peace’ is ambitious. But at the same time, achieving nationwide peace and security is long overdue.

Norway remains fully committed to the Colombian peace process. We remain a guarantor country // in the implementation of the 2016 peace accord.

And we have been asked to continue in the same capacity // in the negotiations with the ELN. I would like to commend the Government for moving quickly to re-engage with the ELN, and not least for rectifying issues with Cuba.

‘Total peace’ is a tall order. It will be complicated. It will take time. And it will call for different approaches and methods than we are used to.

But we stand ready to assist // in the Government’s effort to promote dialogue and the disarmament // of other armed groups, if so requested.

Agrarian reform and access to land are key // to a peaceful and prosperous Colombia. I am pleased to see that the Government is working hard // to find just and sustainable solutions // to the root causes of the conflict.

International support has proven essential // for the implementation of the agreement. I applaud the US for recently taking on a special role // in the implementation of the ethnic chapter of the accord.

It is an important job; much still needs to be done // on questions where ethnicity is a factor.


We commend the Government for convening the National Commission for Security Guarantees. This Commission has the potential to address the root causes of violence.

This would in turn improve security conditions for human rights defenders // and former combatants.

This is vital given the dire security situation of these groups. More than 340 signatories to the Peace Agreement have lost their lives since 2016. This cannot continue.

A specific focus on the challenges faced by women human rights defenders is also needed.

And I echo the Secretary-General in urging full implementation of // the Comprehensive Programme for Safeguards // for Women Leaders // and Human Rights Defenders.

Likewise, we call upon all parties to uphold their obligations under international law and to implement the conclusions of the // Security Council Working Group // on Children and Armed Conflict // in Colombia.

Colombia’s transitional justice system continues to impress us. The Truth Commission’s final report contains important recommendations.

I am pleased to see that the Government is taking these seriously. We are also awaiting the first sentences by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.


Council members must agree on a renewal of the mandate // that will enable the UN mission // to continue its support for peace and stability // in Colombia.

Norway remains committed to working with Colombia to secure lasting peace.

Thank you.