Agreement between Nord-Fosen siida and Roan Vind

An agreement has been reached in the mediation between Nord-Fosen siida and Roan Vind. The amicable agreement aims to help secure continued reindeer herding, mitigate operational disadvantages, and provide a basis for future cultural practice for Nord-Fosen siida in a generational perspective.

‘This has been a burdensome and difficult case, especially for the reindeer herding families in Fosen. I am glad that the parties have agreed on a future-oriented solution that safeguards the rights of reindeer herding. The agreement between the parties paves the way for new generations to also see the possibilities of continuing reindeer herding’, says Minister of Energy Terje Aasland.

In April 2023, the Ministry of Energy took the initiative for a mediation process between the parties to resolve the case. The mediations have been led by national mediator Mats Ruland, together with district court judge Hanne Sofie Bjelland and reindeer herder Tom Kristian Lifjell. This process has now led to an agreement between the parties on Nord-Fosen.

The stakeholders agree that the agreement ensures the rights of reindeer herding in accordance with Article 27 of the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Based on the agreement reached between the parties, it is the view of the Ministry that there are no grounds for overturning the concession decision for Roan Vindkraftverk. Therefore, the Ministry has closed further processing.

Content of the agreement

Similar to the agreement on Sør-Fosen that was entered into before Christmas, it is planned that Nord-Fosen siida will be able to use an additional area for winter grazing outside the Fosen reindeer grazing district. The Ministry of Energy has already started an investigation process to identify possible areas as a result of the agreement on Sør-Fosen. The investigation is being expanded to also include areas for Nord-Fosen. It is aimed that an area will be able to be taken into use by Nord-Fosen siida in the winter of 2026/2027.

Nord-Fosen siida consents to Roan Vind being granted access to continue using the area at Roan for wind power production throughout the concession period. After the expiry of the concession period, it has been agreed that Nord-Fosen siida will have a veto over the wind power plant's continued operation. This means that the rights holders cannot apply for an extension or renewal of the concession without the consent of Nord-Fosen siida.

At the same time, Roan Vind undertakes to make a substantial financial contribution available for measures for reindeer herding in Nord-Fosen siida.

Measures for reindeer herding

In the Fosen case, it has been highlighted as a factor in the assessment that the South Sami culture is particularly vulnerable. In light of this, the parties to the agreement on Nord-Fosen have requested the state to contribute to the establishment of a South Sami cultural fund. As a follow-up to this, the government will, in the Revised National Budget for 2024, propose a one-off grant of NOK 5 million for the establishment of a South Sami cultural fund.

The government has previously announced that it aims to set aside an amount corresponding to 0.2 øre/kWh of wind power production for local purposes such as nature, reindeer herding and possibly other purposes that are directly affected by land use. In connection with the revised national budget for 2024, the government will, within this scheme, propose that where a wind power project entails negative consequences of significance for reindeer herding activities, a share of the value creation corresponding to 0.1 øre/kWh will go directly to reindeer herding. This will be able to further strengthen the economic situation for reindeer herding on Fosen.

Sør-Fosen sijte and Fosen Vind reached an agreement through mediation in December of 2023.