There will be no physical teaching on campus for students until 19 January

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Based on recommendations from the health authorities, the Norwegian Government has decided that all teaching at tertiary vocational colleges, university colleges and universities must take place digitally until 19 January. Staff must comply with infection control regulations in the workplace in general and the rules in place in the municipality they belong to.

‘The aim of postponing the physical start-up is to reduce the risk of infection. It means that those who are able to and want to remain in the place where they spent Christmas and avoid getting on a plane, train or bus to travel back to the place of study, may do so,’ says Minister of Research and Higher Education Henrik Asheim.

Tertiary vocational colleges, university colleges and universities are required to follow up students

In mid-December, the Ministry of Education and Research distributed a list of items outlining expectations for how tertiary vocational colleges, university colleges and universities should plan the coming semester. It also set out clear expectations for follow-up of the students to counteract the negative psychosocial consequences of the pandemic.

‘We have been prepared for the situation developing in a way that required everyone to move to digital teaching this semester as well. For almost a year now, students have spent a lot of time alone in their student dwellings, with periods of quarantine and little social contact. I know it's difficult for many, and my message to all the rectors is that they must follow up their students and create alternative academic meeting places. We must all take care of each other,’ says Asheim.