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The Energy Commission submits report to the government

Terje Aasland, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, received today the final report from the government appointed Energy Commission led by Professor Lars Sørgard. The report examines Norwegian energy policy in a long-term perspective.

Lars Sørgard leverer Energikommisjonens rapport til olje- og energiminister Terje Aasland
Leder av Energikommisjonen, Lars Sørgard, leverer Energikommisjonens rapport til olje- og energiminister Terje Aasland 1. februar 2023. Credit: Jo Henrik Jarstø / OED

— The Commission is clear that we need more renewable energy, larger and more powerful grids, and a more efficient use of energy in order to meet long term challenges. The government shares this view, and we will now review and assess the measures that the Commission has suggested The government is already working on some of the recommended measures, such as improving the security of our power supply, and ensuring local co-determination in matters of land-based wind power, says Minister Aasland. 

The Energy Commission was appointed on 11th February 2022 and has been led by Professor Lars Sørgard, the former Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority. One of the main tasks has been to assess challenges in of the Norwegian energy policy towards 2030 and 2050, and how different policy choices affect the long-term development of the Norwegian power system.

The commission has also examined:

  • How Norway is affected by rapidly changing energy markets
  • Perspectives on the development of power consumption
  • The potential for socio-economically profitable power
  • Perspectives for the security of electricity supply
  • Key conflicts of interest within the energy policy field

The Norwegian Government recently announced the introduction of a control mechanism that will safeguard the security of our electricity supply. This mechanism will ensure a better regulation of hydropower, which is the cornerstone of the Norwegian electricity supply.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will submit the Energy Commission’s report for a public review. The deadline for consultation will be 2 May 2023.

The report is only avaliable in Norwegian: NOU 2023: 3 Mer av alt – raskere — Energikommisjonens rapport