Examinations at universities, university colleges and vocational schools are to be completed

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Measures and recommendations that focus on universities, university colleges and vocational schools must provide students with safe teaching, compulsory courses and examinations.

This is why the Government is recommending more extensive use of digital teaching and teaching in smaller groups in line with infection control requirements. Students who are dependent on trials conducted in laboratories or who need to practise their skills should be given priority when it comes to face-to-face teaching.

Examinations must be completed. These may be completed digitally where this is feasible in practice, as home examinations, or by attending the examination with the necessary infection control measures in place. Physical attendance at examinations will require good infection control, including plenty of space and facilitation of social distancing, and possibly wearing of face coverings.

Staff at universities, university colleges and vocational schools must follow the general rules and advice applicable to employees in the workplace

The traffic light system is not applicable to folk high schools, but these schools must comply with rules defined by local infection control authorities and the infection control supervisors drawn up by the sector itself. Providers of non-formal training must comply with the general rules and other advice.