Afghans in Norway

Joint statement after meeting in Oslo

This content is more than 2 years old.

Norway hosted 23 January a meeting in Oslo between a group of Afghans from various sectors of the society and the de facto authorities – the first such meeting. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss pressing issues directly and to prepare ground for further discussions. The participants gave a joint statement after the meeting.

Read the participants’ Joint Statement here:

'Joint Statement of the One-Day Meeting between the Acting Government of Afghanistan and A Number of Afghan Personalities in the Kingdom of Norway

Today, 23 January 2022, a one-day joint meeting was held between officials of the acting Afghan government and a number of personalities in Oslo, the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. 

During the meeting, the participants listened patiently to each others’ opinions and exchanged views on the current circumstances in the country. They affirmed that Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans, and emphasized that all Afghans need to work together for better political, economic and security outcomes in the country. 

The participants of the meeting recognized that understanding and joint cooperation are to the only solutions to all the problems of Afghanistan. All the participants, with one voice, declared such meetings to be in the interest of the country. 

At the end, the participants thanked Norway for paving the way for such an opportunity.'