Important milestone: Prime Minister opens Northern Lights visitor centre

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On Tuesday 18 October, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre officially opened the Northern Lights visitor centre in Øygarden near Bergen.

‘CCS initiatives are vital for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and offer opportunities for creating new, green jobs in Norway. Today we are marking the next step in our efforts in this area by opening the Northern Lights visitor centre. This will be important for many reasons,’ Mr Støre said.

Northern Lights is developing the world’s first infrastructure for commercial CO2 transport and storage, and the visitor centre will serve as a demonstration arena for future CO2 storage projects.

Government continuing to promote carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Northern Lights is the transport and storage component of Norway’s full-scale CCS project, Longship.

‘Interest in carbon capture and storage is growing, both in Norway and elsewhere. The Government will continue to promote CCS and support the Longship project, which is the largest climate project ever undertaken in Norwegian industry and an important part of the effort to combat climate change,’ Prime Minister Støre said.

‘The new Northern Lights visitor centre will allow us to showcase our efforts to visitors from Norway and abroad, including politicians and business people. We will be able to highlight the potential of CCS for creating jobs, developing industries and reducing emissions,’ Mr Støre said.

In many branches of industry, CCS technology has a key role to play in reducing emissions.

‘CCS is one of the essential building blocks for achieving our shared climate targets,’ Mr Støre said.