NOK 100 million for climate adaptation in the least developed countries

The least developed countries are hardest hit by climate change, while at the same time lacking sufficient capacity and resources to meet the climate challenges. The contribution from Norway will reach those who need it most.

Norway is donating NOK 100 million to the Least Developed Countries Fund, the LDC Fund, which is under the Global Environment Facility, GEF.  The money will be used for climate adaptation in the least developed countries that have the greatest need to quickly adapt to the new reality.

“Climate change threatens lives, livelihoods, food security and health. Those who are already facing this crisis, but do not have the means to adapt, must be able to quickly access funding to enable them to take action. That's what Norway's contribution is all about," said Minister for Development Cooperation Anne Beathe Tvinnereim.

According to the UN, funding for climate adaptation in developing countries has decreased by 15 per cent. Therefore, all contributions, including Norway's, are very important, and the Least Developed Countries Fund plays a key role in filling the adaptation financing gap.

The four focus areas of the Fund's current strategy align well with the five pillars of the Norwegian climate adaptation strategy, in particular the pillars on early warning systems and climate services, nature-based solutions, climate resilient food production and infrastructure.

“Ensuring climate-adapted agriculture is crucial for food to continue to make its way to the tables in the poorest countries. Floods, droughts and an unpredictable climate are challenging traditional agriculture. This work is urgent because climate change is happening now," says Tvinnereim.

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