Norway participates in air defence coalition to support Ukraine

Norway joins the letter of intent on support to Ukraine in air defence against aircraft and missiles. Air defence is one of the areas of special focus among the countries that provide military support to Ukraine.

Forsvarsminister Bjørn Arild Gram underskrev i dag intensjonsavtalen (Letter of Intent)  om at Norge deltar i koalisjonen til støtte til Ukraina innen luftvern mot fly og missiler.
Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram today signed the Letter of Intent that Norway participates in the coalition to support Ukraine in air defence against aircraft and missiles. German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius on the left. Credit: Asgeir Spange Brekke, MoD

‘It is completely natural for Norway to be part of such an air defence coalition. Norwegian NASAMS contributes to saving Ukrainian lives and protecting critical infrastructure every day,’ says Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

This winter, several capability coalitions have been established for military support to Ukraine. The government has decided on Norwegian participation in three such coalitions, the maritime coalition which Norway leads together with Great Britain, the F-16 coalition in which Norway will donate F-16 combat aircraft and train Ukrainian personnel on the system, and the air defence coalition, which is led by Germany and France.

Luftvernbataljonen fra 133 luftving Evenes under skarpskyting med NASAMS  under øvelse Formidable Shield 2023.
The anti-aircraft battalion from 133 air wing Evenes during sniping with NASAMS during exercise Formidable Shield 2023. Credit: The Armed Forces of Norway

‘We have said we will support where it is most needed. Air defense is high on Ukraine's priority list. It is absolutely necessary to protect military departments, cities and critical infrastructure needed to keep society running,’ says Gram.

The government has recently placed a significant order for NASAMS material for future donations: New order for air defense to Ukraine - This is in addition to already donated material. Norway also supports the education of Ukrainian personnel.

Background: 17th meeting in the Ramstein format: Ground-Based Air Defence coalition for Ukraine was set up