Norway and Germany working together on security and the green transition

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Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met in Oslo on Monday to discuss the major challenges facing Europe. Norway and Germany are cooperating closely on security, climate issues and the green transition.

‘Germany is Norway’s most important partner in Europe. We are cooperating on the response to the war in Ukraine and are expanding our cooperation on renewable energy. Our collaborative efforts will help us to achieve our common goals of green industrialisation and lower emissions,’ said Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

‘Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has changed the security policy landscape in Europe. Close cooperation with like-minded allies is vital in these circumstances. Norway greatly values Germany’s efforts to assist Ukraine and safeguard European security. A united Nordic region in NATO will also help to enhance German and European security,’ said Mr Støre.

The war in Ukraine, the green transition, energy and European cooperation were the main topics of the talks with Mr Scholz.

Energy cooperation

‘Norway and Germany have enjoyed wide-ranging cooperation on energy for many years. We are now expanding this to include areas such as hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, offshore wind power, battery production and more. This is where we will find the long-term solutions to the energy and climate change challenges that Europe must address,’ said Mr Støre.

Translating the green transition into action will require industrial solutions. With this in mind, Mr Støre and Mr Scholz agreed back in January to organise regular meetings between Norway and Germany on energy and industrial restructuring. A number of meetings have been held since then, including one in March in Oslo between German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Habeck, Prime Minister Støre, Minister of Trade and Industry Vestre and Minister of Petroleum and Energy Aasland. The dialogue has been followed up in political meetings and in contacts between Norwegian and German companies.

‘Norway is well positioned to succeed in promoting green growth, particularly in light of our crucial resources and expertise in the energy, offshore and maritime sectors. These are key areas for promoting the green transition in the EU countries,’ said Mr Støre.

See the press conference with Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz here.