Norway to serve as chair of OCHA’s donor support group

Starting today, Norway will take over as chair of the donor support group of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). As chair, Norway will focus on securing financing to meet rising humanitarian needs, as well as on protecting civilians against violence and abuse and identifying long-term solutions for internally displaced people.

OCHA’s donor support group has 30 member countries and serves as a sounding board on issues related to priorities, policies, management, and finance. Norway will hold the important position as chair of the donor support group for one year.

‘The gap between needs and available resources is growing. We must all do more to reduce humanitarian needs and alleviate the immense human suffering that we are seeing. It is an honour to be entrusted with this role at such a difficult time. Norway will do its utmost to ensure that help reaches the people who need it most’, said Minister of International Development Anne Beathe Tvinnereim.

As chair of the donor support group, Norway will focus on the role that OCHA plays in coordinating humanitarian assistance, including negotiating humanitarian access and conducting humanitarian diplomacy to secure aid to those in need. Respect for international law and international humanitarian law is being undermined. Compliance is essential to enable humanitarian actors to do their jobs.

‘Norway will use its extensive diplomatic experience and the trust it enjoys internationally to improve humanitarian access to people in need. In far too many situations of war and conflict, people are being denied their most fundamental rights, leading to widespread suffering. Norway will use its position and international networks to do what it can to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches more people’, said Ms Tvinnereim.

Norway will also work to enhance protection of civilians against violence and abuse during humanitarian crises and to find lasting solutions for internally displaced people. Predictable and substantial financing for humanitarian action is crucial, particularly at a time when humanitarian needs are growing, and budgets are tight. Considerations relating to human rights, women’s rights, gender equality, climate and environmental action and anti-corruption will be integrated into all of Norway’s efforts.

‘The role as chair of the OCHA donor support group provides a good opportunity for Norway to work to realise the goals set out in the new humanitarian strategy launched in May’, Ms Tvinnereim said.