Remarks by Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre at a Press Availability at the Troll A platform

“It is a great pleasure for me to welcome the President of the European Commission and the Secretary General of NATO to the Troll A platform, welcoming you to Norway.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre leaves a helicopter at the Troll A-platform.
Prime Minister Støre at the Troll A-platform. Credit: Ole Berg-Rusten/ NTB / POOL

This is a central part of Norway and it illustrates the energy partnership and the security partnership between Norway and Europe in these very demanding times. During this year, we have had intense cooperation and contact between the European Commission and Norway. This is the first visit by a Commission President since 2011 to Norway and we appreciate to see you here.

Norway has been able to increase the gas supplies to Europe during this year, and it is our ambition to be able to hold that high level for the next four to five years. So we cover between thirty and forty percent of Europe’s deliveries. This platform in itself provides 10 percent of Europe’s gas consumption, just to highlight the dimensions.

This is also, of course, about security, and I would salute the Commission President for having so strongly contributed to European unity in face of the Russian attack war on Ukraine, and the Secretary General also for keeping NATO Allies so solidly together. One Norwegian contribution to this unity for democracy and freedom is that we maintain our level as a secure energy provider.

Let me also add that this energy effort is also about speeding up the energy transition. So we have been working very closely with the Commission to venture into offshore wind, hydrogen, the new energy sources. And in a few years from this platform, you may be observing offshore wind mills, producing renewable energy for our economy and for the European economy.

I would also like to highlight that the German Chancellor and I took an initiative to ask NATO to be coordinating security initiatives for our energy installations. Norway has about ninety offshore installations, 8 000 kilometres of pipelines, and it is a very good sign that NATO can take a responsibility in coordinating our efforts to secure that security with the industry and the governments.

So both of you, close friends, you are heartily welcome to Troll, this is a part of Norway. Madame President …”.