Renewal of residence permits for seasonal workers staying in Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic

This content is more than 9 months old. The information may therefore be out of date. You will find updated information on Topic Page The coronavirus situation.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is working on an amendment to the Immigration Regulations.

The amendment will make it possible for seasonal workers who are in Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic to renew their residence permits and stay in Norway for more than six consecutive months. The Ministry’s aim is for the amendment to be adopted at the beginning of next week.  

If you are a seasonal worker whose permit expires soon and you are still in Norway, you should, as soon as possible, register an application to renew your permit on the UDI Application Portal and pay the application processing fee. The Ministry is planning to process applications from this group of applicants in accordance with the new rules once these have been adopted.   

Please note that seasonal workers who hold a residence permit that lasts for less than six months can apply to have their permit renewed under the current rules.