Ukrainian refugees are having their right to drive in Norway expanded

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It is almost a year since Russia invaded Ukraine and many Ukrainians have had to flee from their home country. They are in a very difficult situation and the Norwegian Government wants to offer Ukrainians in Norway predictability in respect of their stay in Norway. We are now changing the rules so that Ukrainian refugees can drive in Norway for the duration of their collective protection in Norway. In addition, all driving licence categories will be recognised, not only for passenger cars,’ says Minister of Transport Jon-Ivar Nygård.

Українським біженцям буде продовжено право на керування автомобілем в Норвегії (pdf)

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has now established amendments to the driving licence regulations, extending the period of time Ukrainian driving licences are recognised in Norway from twelve months to the duration of Ukrainian refugees’ collective protection in Norway, which is up to three years. In addition, all driving licence categories are now recognised, not only licences for passenger cars, as has been the case so far. The amendments are in line with the proposal the Norwegian Public Roads Administration sent out for consultation before Christmas.

‘Ukrainian refugees must feel confident that they are allowed to drive while they are in Norway. Last year we extended the period Ukrainian driving licences are recognised from three months to one year. Soon, many refugees will have been here for one year. Many Ukrainians have driving licences which they can use in Norway, but if the rules are not changed, they will lose the right to drive. Many of them also have driving licences for lorries and buses, and could be an asset in Norwegian society,’ Mr Nygård says.

There will be no change to the requirement that refugees must bring a valid, physical driving licence from their home country to have permission to drive in Norway.

The amendments are in accordance with the EU rules for the recognition of Ukrainian driving licences. Further potential amendments will be considered, specifically on the possibility of issuing Norwegian driving licences and professional drivers’ documents.

The amendments will enter into force immediately.