Statement by the Prime Minister at the opening of FREYR Battery’s Customer Qualification Plant in Mo i Rana

Dear Freyr, my warmest congratulations on taking the first operative steps towards a large-scale battery factory.

Today is a momentous day for Rana, for Nordland, and in fact for all of Norway.

Norway was built by industrial pioneers, who dared to do, who combined private capital and public support, and who paved the way for others.

You are now part of that proud tradition.

We need that pioneer spirit – your pioneer spirit – for our next steps towards a green industry.

My government’s green industrial initiative is our response to the need for the largest ever transformation of Norway’s economy in modern history.

We will be on the side of those who take these initiatives.

We cannot make this transition on our own. That’s why I’m so glad to see major economies like the United States also showing concrete commitments for their industrial and climate initiatives. – As we have done and intend to do.

Here in Norway, we will continue our green industrial initiative – and upgrade it alongside initiatives from the US and the EU – and in close dialogue with both to them.

Our ambitions in Norway are firm.

We have never competed on cost alone – but on quality, efficiency, and being a step ahead.

At Freyr, you are also that step ahead – with new thinking and new technology.

Today proves that. – In Mo i Rana where so much industrial history has happened in my country.

So dear friends, we all look forward to what’s next here in Mo i Rana. I look forward to come and visit. Congratulations on a great day for Freyr and all of us! Thank you.