Foreign Minister visits Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt paid a visit to Bangladesh to celebrate the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations. She also met Rohingya refugees who are now living in Bangladesh.

Sterkt møte med flyktninger i Bangladesh
Utenriksministeren møtte rohingya-flyktninger i leiren Cox’s Bazar i Bangladesh. Foto: Ørjan Ellingvåg

‘Meeting Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar was a moving experience. It is the world's largest refugee camp, and the people here are completely dependent on aid to provide them with protection, food, water, shelter and health care. Norway is now allocating an additional NOK 57 million in funding for humanitarian assistance to alleviate the situation for the refugees here. We are also increasing our support to a UN project for providing gas cylinders, stoves and forest rehabilitation by NOK 20 million,’ said Foreign Minister Huitfeldt.

Bangladesh has shown both solidarity and hospitality by providing refuge and humanitarian assistance to nearly 1 million Rohingya. Norway recognises that the Government and the people of Bangladesh have coped with a wide array of challenges and taken on great responsibility in connection with the refugee crisis.

Cox’s Bazar i Bangladesh er verdens største flyktningleir
Cox’s Bazar i Bangladesh er verdens største flyktningleir. Foto: Ørjan Ellingvåg

Norway and Bangladesh have enjoyed close bilateral ties for 50 years. This was also underlined during the Foreign Minister's visit.

‘This year, Norway and Bangladesh are celebrating 50 years of cooperation, including business cooperation. It is important for us to focus attention on fundamental values ​​such as democracy and human rights,’ said Ms Huitfeldt.

Norge og Bangladesh har hatt et nært og godt samarbeid i 50 år
Norge og Bangladesh har hatt et nært og godt samarbeid i 50 år. Utenriksminister Anniken Huitfeldt i samtale med utenriksminister i Bangladesh A.K. Abdul Momen. Foto: Ørjan Ellingvåg

See also the publication Norway and Bangladesh. A Fifty-Year Relationship 1972 - 2022


  • Norway and Bangladesh have worked closely together for 50 years. The focus of the bilateral relationship was previously development cooperation. The priority areas have been adjusted in step with the country's development.
  • Norway is providing support for projects in Bangladesh in the areas of gender equality, ship recycling and marine litter, as well as substantial support to the Rohingya response. Business cooperation is a key area of cooperation.
  • Norway's assistance to Bangladesh in 2020 amounted to NOK 140.7 million. Preliminary figures show that total earmarked aid to Bangladesh in 2021 exceeded NOK 150 million.