Senior administrative staff

Secretary General Arne Røksund and Deputy Secretary General Frede Hermansen.

Secretary General

Secretary General Arne Røksund
Arne Røksund. Credit: Torgeir Haugaard, FMS


Arne Røksund
The Secretary General is the Ministry’s most senior permanent civil servant, whose principal task is to advise and relieve the Minister's running and coordinating of the Ministry.


Chief of Defence
Haakon Bruun-Hanssen
The Chief of Defence now has a dual role as both the Ministry’s most senior professional military adviser as well as being Head of the Armed Forces’ military organisation.

Deputy Secretary General
Frede Hermansen
The Secretary General is assisted by a Deputy Secretary General. In addition, the Deputy Secretary General assumes the role of National Armaments Director.

The Director Generals

The Department of Development and Administration
Director General Jens-Thorleif Thorsen
Telephone: +47 23 09 61 01

The Department of Security Policy
Director General Henning Vaglum
Telephone: +47 23 09 62 00

The Department of Financial Governance and Management
Director General Hege Sjo
Telephone: +47 23 09 65 01

The Department of Defence Policy and Long-Term Planning
Major General Odd Harald Hagen
Telephone: +47 23 09 64 00

The Department of Competence and Joint Legal Services
Director General Kjersti Klæboe
Telephone: + 47 23 09 60 00

The Department of Investment
Director General Anders Melheim
Telephone: +47 23 09 65 00