• Asset Management Department

    The Asset Management Departmentis responsible for the Ministry’s work on the Government Pension Fund. The work on strengthening the management of the funds is central to the Ministry of Finance and the department's responsibilities include investment strategy for the funds, evaluation of the operational management by Norges Bank and the National Insurance Scheme Fund, and development and implementation of ethical guidelines for the Government Pension Fund Global.

    Director General Espen Erlandsen

  • Budget Department

    The Budget Department is responsible for coordinating the work on the budget. The Government's role in preparing the budget is based on the principle of lump-sum allocations and the individual ministers have considerable autonomy in how they spend their allotted share of the budget.

    Director General Silje Gamstøbakk

  • Financial Markets Department

    The work of the Ministry of Finance includes a number of responsibilities toward the financial markets. The Financial Markets Department attends to many of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Finance toward the financial markets including regulating according to provisions made in the central legislation, holding the responsibilities as tax authority and management of public ownership in financial institutions.

    Director General Geir Åvitsland

  • Tax Law Department

    Tax Law Department is responsible for the drafting, interpretation and administration of regulations relating to income and wealth tax, petroleum tax, national insurance contributions, property tax, inheritance tax, value-added tax, customs duty and various special taxes. It is also responsible for the negotiation of Double Tax Treaties and acts as the superior Norwegian Competent Authority under these treaties and for coordinating consideration of international tax issues within the Ministry

    Director General Omar G. Dajani

  • Tax Policy Department

    The Tax Policy Department analyses how tax legislation and amendments affect saving, consumption, investments and labour supply and how tax revenues change when regulations are amended. This department is also responsible for preparing the annual tax proposals outlined in the budget.

    Director General Siren Solhaug

  • Economic Policy Department

    The Economic Policy Department monitors and analyses economic trends in Norway and abroad, and gives advice in a number of areas of economic policy. The Economic Policy Department is responsible for raising and servicing government loans at home and abroad and has the overall responsibility for Norway's cash reserves and short-term claims, which are largely deposits in Norges Bank (Norway's central bank). In addition to this, the department coordinates the work on the national budget and has a special responsibility for issues of methodology with regard to economic planning, thus it maintains close links with academic and research communities.

    Director General Amund Holmsen

  • Agency Governance Department

    The department coordinates the management and follow-up of the ministry’s underlying agencies, The Norwegian Tax Administration, Norwegian Customs, The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management, Statistics Norway and The Financial Supervisory Authority.

    Director General Tina Engelsrud

  • Administrative Affairs Department

    The Administrative Affairs Department (Administrasjonsavdelingen) is a staff unit for the leadership of the Ministry. The overall aim of the Department is to contribute to ensuring that the Ministry's resources are utilised effectively and in line with the Ministry's goals and strategies. Departmental tasks include personnel administration, secretary services, computer systems operation and development, archive services, internal accounting and the procurement and maintenance of office fittings and equipment.

  • Communication Unit / Press Contacts

    The Communication Unit handles press inquiries to the Ministry and it's political leadership. The Unit also helps the press with background material. The editorial responsibility for the Ministry's websites and social media is placed here. The Unit is a part of the Secretary General's staff.

    Head of Communications Tor Borgersen