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  • War graves service

    16/08/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    The history, tasks and organisation of the war graves service.

  • UK and Norway Reinforce North Atlantic Security

    15/08/2019 News story Ministry of Defence

    The UK and Norway reinforced their commitment to joint anti-submarine operations in the North Atlantic at RAF Lossiemouth today.

  • History of the Ministry of Culture

    15/08/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Culture was established in 1982 under the name Ministry of Culture and Science. Prior to that date, the Ministry of Church and Education bore national responsibility for Norwegian cultural affairs. Since then, the Ministry’s name and

  • Sport facilities

    14/08/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    Information of VAT compensation for the construction of sports facilities and gaming funds for Equipment.

  • Organisation Chart Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    14/08/2019 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Organisational Chart, August 2019

  • Logging moratorium in Indonesia's forests made permanent

    13/08/2019 News story Ministry of Climate and Environment

    Indonesia is making the logging moratorium in primary forest and carbon-rich peatlands permanent. The ban covers 66 million hectares, which is larger than the combined area of Germany and Italy. The ban is signed by President Joko Widodo and was

  • Legislation and documentation

    13/08/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    Legislation, regulations and the grant scheme for war graves and documentation relating to war graves.

  • Sports policy

    13/08/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    The objective of sports policy is to ensure that people have access to a broad range of local sports activities, whether organised by membership-based sports clubs or independently.

  • About the Ministry

    13/08/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Culture is responsible for matters relating to culture, equality and discrimination, the media (films, broadcasting, press and copyright), sport, gaming and lotteries and the voluntary sector.

  • Norway in Europe. The Government’s work programme for cooperation with the EU

    13/08/2019 Plans/strategy Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The work programme for 2019 follows up the Government’s strategy for cooperation with the EU in the period 2018-2021. The strategy describes the Government’s main priorities for cooperation with the EU and sets out its vision for Europe.

  • Illicit trade in cultural artefacts

    12/08/2019 Article Ministry of Culture

    The illicit sale of cultural objects stolen from museums or looted from archaeological sites is a growing international problem. Countries in conflict and countries affected by natural disasters are particularly vulnerable.

  • Change among the political advisers

    08/08/2019 Press release Office of the Prime Minister

    The Office of the Prime Minister has appointed Ms. Naomi Ichihara Røkkum as political adviser to Minister of Climate and Environment Ola Elvestuen, in political adviser Ms. Marit Kristine Vea’s leave of absence from 9 August to 9 September 2019.

  • 11 years since hostilities in Georgia in August 2008

    07/08/2019 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    ‘The conflict over Georgia’s occupied regions must not be forgotten. Eleven years on, Russian troops remain on Georgian soil and the conflict is still unresolved. Once again we call on Russia to comply with the August 2008 ceasefire agreement and

  • A historic opportunity for Sudan

    06/08/2019 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    ‘Norway congratulates the parties on having reached a peace agreement for Sudan, and thanks the AU and Ethiopia for their important contributions to the negotiations. This is a good start to an important process and a historic opportunity for Sudan

  • Announcement about Venezuela

    02/08/2019 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    We announce that the representatives of the main political actors in Venezuela are continuing the negotiations that were initiated in Oslo within the framework of a negotiation table that works in a continuous and efficient manner.

  • Troika Statement on the South Sudan Peace Process - July 2019

    29/07/2019 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The members of the troika (the United States, United Kingdom and Norway) have made a new statement on the South Sudan peace process:

  • Safe schools for children in conflict areas

    26/07/2019 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Currently, 27 million children in conflict areas are not in school, according to Unicef. Norway gives high priority to the protection of children’s education in conflict areas.

  • Norway to lead UN’s central platform for development policy

    25/07/2019 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Mona Juul, Norway’s Ambassador to the UN, was today elected President of the UN Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc) for a one-year period.

  • Management Provisions

    22/07/2019 Article Ministry of Finance

    The framework for the Government Pension Fund and the management of fund assets are laid down by Act of Parliament and guidelines with supplementary provisions.

  • Press release: Norway to send assistance to Ebola victims in DR Congo

    19/07/2019 News story Ministry of Health and Care Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    -The Ebola outbreak in DR Congo is serious. We are therefore sending equipment and a team of experts to the country, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

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