The Department of Sami and Minority Affairs

The Department of Sami and Minority Affairs is responsible for formulating and coordinating the state’s policies towards the Sami population and the national minorities – Jews, Kven/Norwegian Finns, Roma (gypsies), Forest Finns and the Romani people/Taters.

The department is responsible for the coordination of the Government’s overall policy pertaining to the Sami people and national minorities, including within the fields of other ministries. SAMI assists the ministries in contact with the Sami Parliament and the national minority organisations.

With respect to Sami policy, the department is responsible for facilitating that the Sami people can further develop and strengthen their culture, language and business and social life. The department is also responsible for contributing to the development of international indigenous policies and the coordination of Sami issues at Nordic level.

In the policy toward the national minorities, the department will ensure that the national minorities are consulted and taken into account as set out in the objectives of the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities and the European Covenant on Regional and Minority Languages. The department manages a grant scheme for national minorities.

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