The Norwegian Media Authority

The Norwegian Media Authority is a governmental supervisory and administrative body that implements legislation and the decisions of the Storting, the Government and the Ministry of Culture and Equality. The Norwegian Media Authority shall promote freedom of expression, rule of law and a vibrant democracy.

Their responsibilities include raising awareness of children’s use of digital media and computer games, overseeing the rules for radio and television broadcasts, and overseeing the age limits for cinema films, VOD-services, videograms (such as DVD/Blu-ray) and programs aired on Norwegian TV channels.

The Norwegian Media Authority can intervene in cases where the acquisition of ownership shares leads to excessive media concentration at the national and regional level.

The Norwegian Media Authority serves as an advisory body on issues related to Internet and computer games.

In addition, it supervises broadcasting (including terms for public service broadcasting, advertising, and safeguarding children and young people) and is responsible for licensing and registration local and other types of broadcasting.

The Act relating to transparency of media ownership mandates that the authority shall contribute to creating more transparency, awareness and knowledge about the ownership structure in Norwegian media.  The authority shall also obtain and systematize information about the ownership structure, and the information must be open and accessible to the public.

Furthermore, the authority administers a number of subsidy schemes, such as media support to newspapers and particular publications, funding for user-oriented media research and continuing education, and grants for local broadcasting purposes.

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