Hearing – General application of wage agreements – draft regulation

Status: Consultation has been processed

Deadline for consultation: 30/05/2008

Our reference: TN-200800345

Pursuant to Norwegian Act 4. June 1993 No 58 relating to general application of wage agreements etc., the Tariff Board hereby presents a draft regulation on general application of The Engineering Industry Agreement (VO) 2006 – 2008 in the shipyard industry.

A demand for general application of the wage agreement has been put forward by the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions (LO).

The draft regulation is published on the Internett:


You may also ask for a copy of the draft from the Secretariat of the Tariff Board; Bodil Stueflaten (tel 22 24 69 31) or Helen Remman, (tel 22 24 69 48).

The Tariff Board would appreciate your comments to the draft regulation either by e-mail or by regular mail within 30 May 2008. Further questions may be answered by the Secretariat.


Yours sincerely

Ellen Mo
Chair Person of the Board