Parliamentary White Paper 31 (2014 - 2015) The Farm as a resource - The market as a goal - Growth and entrepreneurship in agriculture based industry

The Paper details policies for agriculture based industry other than traditional farming and forestry. The Paper discusses development trends, challenges as well as the potential for future growth and development. The Paper contains individual sections on themes like Local Foods and Beverages, Farm Tourism, In the Farmyard, Bioenergy and Christmas Tree Production.Policies that stimulate growth and entrepreneurship in agriculture based industry should enhance growth and development independent of farm size. Proposals include measures to strengthen opportunities for increased utilization of combined farm resources, higher levels of professionalism and customer orientation, facilitating increased growth in the market for local foods and bevereages, stimulating growth in agriculture based tourism and extrending business development to include grazing ranges and wilderness areas. The Paper discusses further measures that concern using the farm as an arena for welfare services, expanding the use of climate friendly energy solutions, including bioenergy, and more flexible conditions for Christmas tree production.

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