The airspace is an important and valuable part of the Norwegian territory, in the same manner as the mainland territory and territorial waters. It is an alternative transport route for maritime and land transport, and an arena for a number of activities and users with very different characteristics. However, a continuous growth in the nature and number of users and areas of use can result in capacity challenges and ambiguities regarding responsibilities. There is a need for clear rules governing the use of the airspace, taking into consideration increasingly advanced technologies, international agreements and obligations, a deteriorating security policy situation and well-established requirements for aviation safety, security, cyber security, preparedness and the environment.

On this basis, the Norwegian Government established a working group in March 2020 composed of members from the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norwegian Armed Forces, Avinor and the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway. Among other things, the group’s objective was to identify the current regulation of airspace use and how international framework conditions – in particular under the EU and Single European Sky – impact Norwegian authorities’ scope of action in the regulatory developments. It was also tasked with identifying traditional and new users of the airspace, assessing how access to airspace should be prioritised among users and assessing the interaction between civil and military aviation and the use of airspace within the framework of NATO’s plans and requirements. The group was also to assess what characterises a secure and necessary infrastructure for airspace use, including satellite-based infrastructure.

The Norwegian Government has prepared the Norwegian Airspace Strategy based on the work of the group. The Strategy outlines the main challenges relating to airspace use and highlights important choices for the future.

Signature, Hareide

Knut Arild Hareide

Minister of Transport

Signature, Bakke-Jensen

Frank Bakke-Jensen

Minister of Defence

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