NOU 2000: 1 A Quota System for Greenhouse Gases (Summary)

A Quota System for Greenhouse Gases

A policy instrument for fulfilling Norway's emission reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

Letter to the ministry

1 Introduction

2 Some main considerations in evaluating the role of the Commission, defining its mandate, and implementation

3 What is a quota?

4 Which point sources should be covered by a quota system?

5 Selection of legal entities subject to regulation by quotas

6 Allocation of quotas

7 Liquidity and organization of the quota market

8 Use of the Kyoto mechanisms

9 Phasing-in the quota system

10 Reporting, controls and sanctions

11 The legal framework for the quota system

12 Summary of the recommendations and proposals of the Commission

13 Allocations

NOU 2000: 1 (In Norwegian)