NOU 2014: 5

MOOCs for Norway— New digital learning methods in higher education

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To The Ministry of Education and Research

By Royal Decree of 21 June 2013, the Stoltenberg II Government appointed a Commission to examine the possibilities and challenges that accompany the development of MOOCs and similar offers. The Commission shall map the development, compare the information gathered, and provide Norwegian authorities and educational institutions with recommendations on how to relate to this development, while also taking advantage of the opportunities provided by modern technology. The Commission hereby submits its report.

Oslo, 16 June 2014

Berit Kjeldstad


Harald Alvestrand

Mathis Bongo

June Breivik

Endre Olsvik Elvestad

Ola Erstad

Eva Gjerdrum

Trond Ingebretsen

Arne Krokan

Bergljot Landstad

Ingrid Melve

Berit Johnsen

chair of the secretariat

Bjørn Tore Bertheussen

Simen Rommetveit Halvorsen

Frode Hauge

André Løvik

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