10 Economic and administrative consequences

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The initiatives in the current strategy shall contribute to better use of resources and more efficient management through enhanced cooperation between the central and local government sectors, the development of seamless services related to selected life events, increased data sharing, development of more digitalisation-friendly regulations, and access to the necessary common functionality and common architectures (common ecosystem).

It is necessary to consider the economic and administrative consequences of the initiatives in the strategy in more detail. The initiatives shall be covered in principle by the current budgets of the relevant ministries. The initiatives in the strategy shall be considered in accordance with the Instrutions for Official Studies and Reports and Circular R-109/14 concerning socio-economic analyses. In the long term, the consequences must be handled within the ordinary budget processes.

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depicted through a collage. Showing a cross section of the population, with focus on seven different people's life situations and their need for coordinated assistance for a set of public agencies.
Symbolism and network point out the new strategic thinking