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  • Letter to the EU Commission on climate and energy policies

    2013-12-19 Letter Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The ministers Vidar Helgesen (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Tine Sundtoft (Ministry of the Environment) og Tord Lien (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy) have sendt a letter to the European Commission with the Norwegian Government's views on the 2030

  • Political platform

    2013-10-25 Report Office of the Prime Minister

    for a government formed by the Conservative Party and the Progress Party.

  • Forecasting demand and supply of labour by education

    2013-10-22 Report Ministry of Education and Research

    In Norway, supply of labour by level of education has developed in line with demand for many years. At the same time unemployment rates and relative wages for different educational groups have been quite stable over time.

  • Evaluation of Nordic World Heritage Foundation (2008-2013)

    2013-10-16 Report Ministry of Climate and Environment

    På oppdrag fra Miljøverndepartementet og Unesco har Vista Analyse AS gjennomført en evaluering av Nordic World Heritage Foundation (NWHF). NWHF er et kategori 2-senter under beskyttelse av Unesco, som følge av en avtale mellom den norske

  • A tobacco-free future

    2013-10-03 Plans/strategy Ministry of Health and Care Services

    Our vision is a tobacco-free future - a future in which individuals and communities are no longer affected by tobacco's many harmful effects on health and where children and adults live healthier and longer lives.

  • Summary of the Action Plan 2013-2016: We need the competence of immigrants

    2013-10-01 Plans/strategy Ministry of Children and Equality

    Through the Action Plan the Government aims to facilitate the use of the competence and resources of immigrants. The plan contains 19 measures in the fields of recognition of education and training from abroad, recruitment of immigrants by employers

  • Women, Peace and Security: Progress Report 2012

    2013-09-20 Report Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The second progress report on the Government's implementation of Norway's strategic plan provides an overview of Norway’s priorities as well as examples of activities and results from 2012. It also identifies challenges and priority areas for Norway

  • International migration 2011-2012

    2013-09-20 Report Ministry of Children and Equality

    Annually Norway sends a report to the OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The report , “International Migration 2011-2012 - IMO report for Norway”, is a contribution to the reporting system on migration for the OECD

  • Actionplan against forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and severe restrictions on young people`s freedom (2013-2016)

    2013-09-20 Plans/strategy Ministry of Children and Equality

    Young people should be able to choose their education, their career and their future partners. Children and adolescents have the right to a life free from violence and serious restrictions to their individual freedom. Forced marriage and female

  • NCD-Strategy

    2013-09-06 Plans/strategy Ministry of Health and Care Services

    All pull together One thing we know – we must all pull together. If we do, we are sure to win! The man behind this optimistic message is Klaus Hanssen. He was chairman of the National Anti-Tuberculosis Association about a hundred years ago. The

  • Invtation to tender - regional air services (helicopter) Værøy–Bodø

    2013-09-05 Call for tender Ministry of Transport and Communications

    The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications invites to an open tender procedure for regional scheduled air services on the helicopter route Værøy - Bodø v.v during the period 1 August 2014 to 31 July 2019.

  • Facts about Fisheries and Aquaculture 2013

    2013-09-02 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs has published a booklet containing facts on Norwegian seafood production - consumption and export, fisheries and catches, aquaculture and research and innovation. The booklet was published in

  • Equal rights - equal opportunities

    2013-08-30 Plans/strategy Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Action Plan for Women's Rights and Gender Equality in Foreign and Development Policy 2013-15.

  • NOU 2013: 10 - Natural benefits – on the values of ecosystem services

    2013-08-29 Norwegian Official Report (NOU) Ministry of Climate and Environment

    Summary and recommendations.

  • Circular concerning cabotage in goods transport by road – N-1/2013

    2013-08-27 Circular Ministry of Transport and Communications

    This Circular concerns the interpretation of section 2a in the Regulation on International Transport of Passengers and Goods, and Cabotage, of 26 March 2003 No. 402, which entered into force on 1 July 2011. Section 2a regulates cabotage in transport

  • The Arctic - major opportunities – major responsibilities

    2013-08-21 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Developments in the north are creating major opportunities for Norway, but also entail major responsibilities. This is why the Arctic has been Norway’s top foreign policy priority for almost a decade. This brochure gives you a glimpse of some

  • Dance in Norway

    2013-08-21 Plans/strategy Ministry of Culture

    The work on a strategy for professional dance in Norway has had a threefold objective: To summarise the results achieved so far in the field of dance as a result of the Cultural Initiative To identify challenges To lay

  • The Norwegian Government's observations on the EFTA Surveillance Authority's preliminary assessment of some aspects amounting to a possible infringement by Norway

    2013-07-31 Letter Ministry of Climate and Environment

    Read the letter/Les brevet. (pdf) Read the norwegain translation/Les oversettelse til norsk. (pdf)

  • On rural regional policy

    Report No. 13 to the Storting (2012-2013). Summary.

    2013-07-09 Report Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    English summary of the Norwegian Government’s white paper to the Parliament on rural and regional policy: Meld. St. 13 (2012-2013) Ta heile Noreg i bruk.

  • Strategy for the Mineral Industry

    2013-07-08 Report Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Government wants Norway to be an attractive country for mining activities. This is the background for presenting a strategy for the mineral industry.