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  • Meld. St. 14 (2015–2016) - Nature for life

    Norway’s national biodiversity action plan (Chapter 4–9)

    18/12/2015 Report to the Storting Ministry of Climate and Environment

    This white paper describes the Government’s policy for safeguarding biodiversity in Norway, which is designed to play a part in achieving biodiversity targets at both national and international level. The white paper describes biodiversity-related

  • Circular on international child abduction

    18/12/2015 Circular Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    This circular is intended for lawyers and judges working on international child abduction cases, but also contains information and guidance of use to other public authorities that may become involved in this type of case. The circular also contains

  • Status for follow-up of the strategy for combating work-related crime

    09/12/2015 Report Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    This report provides an overview of the status for implementation of the measures in the Government’s strategy for combating work-related crime. The report was revised on 1 August 2015.

  • The strategy for combating work-related crime

    09/12/2015 Plans/strategy Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    The Government presents here a strategy for strengthening of efforts to combat work-related crime.

  • NOU 2015: 15 - Environmental Pricing (Summary)

    Report from a Green Tax Commission

    09/12/2015 Norwegian Official Report (NOU) Ministry of Finance

    Chapter 1 Executive summary (50,4 kB) Chapter 2 The Commission (63,8 kB) Chapter 3 Summary (225,1 kB) Chapter 12 The recommendations of the Commission (100,6 kB)

  • Care Plan 2020

    02/12/2015 Plans/strategy Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The care services of tomorrow must be designed and developed together with users, patients and close family members in cooperation with volunteers, non-profit organisations and private actors, and they must be based on sound expertise, effective

  • NOU 2015: 14 - Central government budgeting and accounting principles

    01/12/2015 Norwegian Official Report (NOU) Ministry of Finance

  • Business and Human Rights

    27/11/2015 Plans/strategy Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The present national action plan is intended to enable the business sector to follow the UN Guiding Principles.

  • Norwegian salmon farming

    16/11/2015 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    In a White Paper presented to the Parliament in March 2015, the Norwegian government proposed a completely new system for regulating the growth in the salmon farming industry. The proposed system ensures predictability, and relies on environmental

  • Summary of NOU 2015:7 Assimilation and Resistance

    Norwegian policies towards Tater/Romani people from 1850 to the present

    29/10/2015 Report Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    This booklet contains the Tater/Romani Committee’s own summary of their main conclusions, presented in the introduction of the Committee’s Report (NOU 2015:7), extracts/summaries of main findings of the Report’s Chapters 1 to 6 the Committee’s final

  • Fish for Development

    23/10/2015 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The overall objective of the Fish for Development programme is to reduce poverty through food security, sustainable management and profitable business activities.

  • National Strategy against Antibiotic Resistance

    14/10/2015 Plans/strategy Ministry of Health and Care Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Food

    The Norwegian National Strategy Against Antibiotic Resistance 2015-2020 lays out the Government’s goals for work over the coming years and the steps needed to achieve these.

  • Norwegian Government Pension Fund and the Santiago principles

    12/10/2015 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Finance

    Norway supports the international guidelines for sovereign wealth funds, the so called Santiago-principles or Generally Accepted Practices and Principles for Sovereign Wealth Funds (GAPP).

  • Panorama

    09/10/2015 Plans/strategy Ministry of Education and Research

    As a result of the changes occurring globally, cooperation with other countries on other continents will come to play a more important role for the further development of the Norwegian knowledge society.

  • Meld. St. 4 (2015–2016) - Better Taxation – A Tax Reform for Transformation and Growth

    An unofficial English translation of the summary chapter, Chapter 1, of the Report to the Storting No. 4 (2015–2016)

    07/10/2015 Report to the Storting Ministry of Finance

  • Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III)

    Norwegian National Report

    05/10/2015 Report Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    The Norwegian National Report is contributing to the discussions in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016. This is the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III).

  • Conference Report: Protecting education from attack

    The Oslo Conference on Safe Schools, Oslo, Norway 28– 29 May 2015

    14/09/2015 Report Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Oslo Conference on Safe Schools: Protecting Education from Attack, was organised in Oslo 28-29 May 2015. At the Conference, representatives of states came together to show their interest in - and commitment to - the common goal of enhancing the

  • Reforming and Modernising the Norwegian Transport Sector

    09/09/2015 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Transport

    The Government aims to have a state-of-the-art transport and communications network which is on a par with comparable countries. Therefore, the government wants to boost infrastructure investments,combined with necessary reforms in the transport

  • Unified Effort - Expert Commision on Norwegian Security and Defence Policy

    16/07/2015 Report Ministry of Defence

    The Expert Commission on Norwegian Security and Defence Policy was appointed by the Norwegian Minister of Defence, Ine Eriksen Søreide, on 15 December 2014, and submitted its report on 28 April 2015. The Commission was asked to analyse the Norwegian

  • Ministry of Transport and Communications - connecting Norway

    01/07/2015 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Transport

    Would you like to learn more about The Ministry of Transport and Communications?

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