Overview of document types

The Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries publish several different document types.

Consultations are suggestions from the Ministry which are sent to affected parties (public and private institutions, organisations, and other ministries). The purpose is to assess economical and administrative consequences of public measures.

Draft resolutions, bills and white papers are documents that the Government presents to the Storting.

Official Norwegian Reports (NOUs) are produced by committees and working groups constituted by the Ministry. They often form the basis of a bill or white paper.

Guidelines and brochures give an overview of the Government's policies and practice, and are written with the general public in mind.

Reports encompass reports, analyses and documentation produced by or for the ministry.

Plans and strategies are usually produced and issued by the ministries or the Prime Minister's office.

Acts and regulations encompass laws, regulations, guidelines etc. related to the Ministry's fields of responsibility.

Circulars are information from the Ministry to affected parties about interpretations of laws and regulations.

Letters are written postal correspondence from the Ministries.