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Norway strenghtens its efforts against modern slavery

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Norwegian Government is strengthening its efforts to combat modern slavery, and is consolidating these efforts into a development programme.

Modern slavery refers to i.a. human trafficking, forced labour, debt labour and the worst forms of child labour. According to the Global Slavery Index, around 40,3 million are victims of this crime today. Of these victims, women and children represent seven out of ten. Key drivers are poverty, conflict, climate change, corruption, and migration.

The development programme is developed on the basis of a mapping survey of modern slavery that has been conducted by Norad (“Mapping of Modern Slavery and Recommendations for the Norwegian Government’s Development Programme to Combat Modern Slavery”).

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also established an external resource group consisting of relevant actors in Norway. The resource group has contributed with recommendations for the new development programme (“Sketchings for a Development Programme on Modern Slavery”).

The programme is expected to be launched  in early 2020.