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Swedish-Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs

1814 - 1905

After Count Carl J. W. von Schmettow, general and commandander-in-chief in Trøndelag, in the spring of 1814 had declined Prince Christian Frederik's invitation to become Norway's foreign minister, the responsibility for the country's foreign policy was resting entirely with the King when the union with Sweden was established on 4 November.

Until the union was dissolved in 1905, these were Swedish-Norwegian foreign minister:


4 November 1814 - 7 June 1905

Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs (1814-1876)
1814-1824: Lars von Engeström
1824-1837: Gustaf af Wetterstedt
1837-1838: Adolf Göran Mörner
1838-1842: Gustaf Nils Algernon Adolf Stjerneld
1840-1842: Albrecht Elof Ihre (acting)
1842-1848: Albrecht Elof Ihre
1848-1856: Gustaf Nils Algernon Adolf Stjerneld
1856-1858: Elias Lagerheim
1858-1868: Christofer Rutger Ludvig Manderström
1868-1871: Carl Wachtmeister
1871-1872: Baltzar Julius Ernst von Platen
1872-         : Oscar Magnus Björnstjerna

Minister of Foreign Affairs (1876-1905)
         -1880: Oscar Magnus Björnstjerna
1880-1885: Carl Fredrik Lotharius Hochschild
1885-1889: Albert Carl August Lars Ehrensvärd
1889          : Johan Gustaf Nils Samuel Åkerhielm
1889-1895: Carl Lewenhaupt
1895-1899: Ludvig Wilhelm August Douglas
1899-1904: Carl Herman Theodor Alfred Lagerheim
1904-1905: August Louis Fersen Gyldenstolpe