Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm

1873 - 1905

Between 1814 and 1873 Norway’s Prime Minister was permanently based at the Norwegian Council of State Division in Stockholm, as this was where the King of Norway and Sweden resided. When the office of Governor-General in Christiania (Oslo) in 1873 was converted into an office of prime minister, the role as Norway's Prime Minister was transferred to this office. The Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm now became second in rank after the Prime Minister in Christiania.

The system with a Norwegian prime minister and a council of state division in Stockholm ceased to exist when the union between Sweden and Norway was dissolved in 1905.


21 July 1873 - 7 June 1905

1873-1884: Otto Richard Kierulf (Norway's Prime Minister 1871-1873)
1884          : Wolfgang Haffner (acting)
1884          : Carl Otto Løvenskiold
1884-1888: Ole Richter
1888-1889: Jacob Stang
1889-1891: Gregers Gram
1891-1893: Otto Blehr
1893-1895: Gregers Gram
1895-1898: Gregers Gram
1898-1902: Otto Blehr
1902-1903: Ole Qvam
1903-1905: Sigurd Ibsen
1905          : Jørgen Løvland