Governor-General in Norway

1814 - 1873

Norway’s Constitution of 4 November 1814 gave the King the right to appoint either the Crown Prince or his eldest son as Viceroy in Norway, or to appoint a Governor-General there. The office of Viceroy was in function only in shorter periods.

As the King's representative, the Governor-General led the Government in Christiania (Oslo). He was also military commander-in-chief. In the Governor-General's absence the Government in Christiania was led by the First Minister.

To the office of Governor-General both Norwegian and Swedish citizens could be appointed. The office was held by Swedish citizens 1814-1829 and by Norwegians 1836-1856. In 1873 the office of Governor-General was converted into an office of Prime Minister in Christiania. The role of Norway's Prime Minister was now transferred to this office from the office of Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm. The Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm now became second in rank to the Prime Minister in Christiania.

4 November 1814 - 21 July 1873

1814-1816: Hans Henrik von Essen
1816-1818: Carl Mörner
1818-1827: August Sandels
1827-1829: Baltzar von Platen
1829-1836: Office vacant
1836-1840: Herman Wedel Jarlsberg
1840-1841: Office vacant
1841-1856: Severin Løvenskiold
1856-1873: Office vacant
1873          : Office abolished