Frederik Stang Government

17. December 1861–11. October 1880

The change between the Sibbern/Birch/Motzfeldt Government and Frederik Stang’s Government took place at the appointment of Frederik  Stang as First Minister on 17 December 1861.

On 21 July 1873, First Minister Frederik Stang in Christiania (Oslo) was appointed as Prime Minister and head of the Norwegian Government. The office as Norwegian Prime Minister in Stockholm was now ranked after the new office as Prime Minister in Christiania. In the period 1873-1905, Norway thus had two Prime Ministers, the one in Christiania being head of government.

The change between Frederik Stang’s Government and Christian A. Selmer’s Government took place at the appointment of Christian Selmer as Prime Minister in a session of the Council of State on 11 October 1880.

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Secretary to the Council of State in this period:

In Christiania
State Secretary Jacob Worm Skjelderup, until 2 September 1863
State Secretary Jacob Aall Jr., 24 October 1863-13 June 1879
State Secretary Halfdan Lehmann, from 18 October 1879

In Stockholm
Director General Johan Frederik Monrad, until 1 February 1877
Director General Hans Schlytter, from 26 May 1877

About the Government

Prime Minister:
Georg Christian Sibbern (1861–1871)
Otto Richard Kierulf (1871–1873)
Frederik Stang (1873–1880)