Support to film

Audiovisual productions are central cultural means of communication and artistic means of expression. In order to strengthen Norwegian language, identity and culture it is important to arrange for production of high quality Norwegian and Sami audiovisual content available to a broad audience.

The main purpose of the film sector is to obtain a variety of productions based on Norwegian language, culture and social conditions recognised by high quality, artistic courage and innovation which also challenges and reaches a large public both nationally and internationally. This purpose is primarily achieved due to the existence of several support schemes managed by the Norwegian Film Institute.  

Film Support Schemes

The Norwegian film support schemes are administrated by the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI). NFI has a duty to administrate the support schemes by using the available resources with reference to the prevailing objectives set out by the Ministry of Culture.

NFI administrates the state policy instruments with reference to the following areas of audiovisual productions: 

  • development
  • production
  • distribution
  • launching
  • film culture

NFI is the advisory body to the Ministry (of Culture) in these above mentioned areas.

NFI issues support according to the rules set out in the Regulation for Support to Audiovisual Productions and administrates other international agreements within the area of film and audiovisual productions. NFI has a duty to inform and instruct the film industry about the current regulation and the on- going support schemes.

In addition NFI has other tasks as representing and providing information about Norwegian film nationally and internationally, communicate the film heritage and so on.   

Regional film Centers

The Ministry issues support to regional film centers and film funds. This regional policy effort is a part of the national film politics in Norway. 

The regional film centers have a duty to make use of the state funding to development and production of short films and documentaries, development of interactive productions, skills development locally and efforts to the benefit of children and young people. A regional film center must have an established film environment in the region and a local and regional political support.

The regional film funds have a duty to make use of the state support to development and production of cinema films, short films, documentaries and TV- series and to the development of interactive productions. The state support is issued on the premise that the regional contributions amount to at least the same level of regional or local assets. Support to regional film funds is a trial arrangement in force until 2015 pending the white paper concerning the government’s film policy.

The support to regional film centers, regional film funds and the International Sami Film Institute may not be used to cover the operating costs. The responsibility with reference to the disbursement of funds, control and the follow- up of the support to regional film centers and regional film funds is delegated from the Ministry of Culture to the Norwegian Film Institute.