The role of Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping is a government-owned limited company that holds exclusive rights to a number of games being offered in Norway.

It is the mission of Norsk Tipping to offer thrilling and entertaining games within a responsible social-political framework. The profit that is earned in these games is to be distributed among objectives that will benefit society at large. The company’s profit is divided among the objectives set out in the Gaming Act. 


Norsk Tipping is wholly owned by the Norwegian Government. The Minister of Culture and Equality administers the Government’s governance of the company, and constitutes the general meeting. Norsk Tipping has sector-specific policy objectives. The company is tasked with arranging and communicating gaming activities safely and subject to governmental control with a view to preventing any negative consequences of the gaming activities, while also ensuring rational operations which shall permit that as much as possible of the gaming activities’ earnings are funnelled to statutory not-for-profit projects. The company’s activities are governed by the Gaming Act, the general meeting and the company’s Articles of Association.