Political Parties

Registered political parties at national, county and municipal level, including the affiliated youth organisations at national and county level, may apply to the Ministry or to the County Governor for state grants. Grants are divided into vote support (90 percent of the total annual funding provided) and basic support (10 percent of the total annual funding provided). Vote support is provided in proportion to the amount of votes the political party received in the respective elections. Basic support is provided to political parties which have received at least 2.5 percent of the votes in the last national election, or 4 percent in the last county or municipal election - or won at least 1 seat in the respective elected group.

Administrative tasks

Administrative tasks connected to the Act on certain aspects relating to the political parties (The Political Parties Act, PPA)) are part of the responsibilities of the Ministry and the County governors.

On the Act relating to certain circumstances concerning political parties (Party Act - 2005)

In this Bill, the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform presents a proposal for a new Act relating to certain circumstances concerning political parties.

Amendments to the Political Parties Act (2012)

In this proposition the Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs proposes legislative amendments that are to facilitate greater transparency and control of the funding of political parties in order to follow the recommendations of the Council of Europe represented by GRECO to Norway.

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