Division of responsibility and coordination

The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation has overriding responsibility for coordinating Sámi matters.

A consistent Sámi policy is dependent on good coordination between the Ministries involved. The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation has overriding responsibility for coordinating Sámi matters. The sector ministries are responsible for taking initiatives and following up the implementation of Sámi policy in their respective sectors. This also applies to arrangements administered by the Sámi Parliament (the Sámediggi).

It is the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisations' responsibility to ensure that the Government’s Sámi policy as a whole is implemented. This entails different roles in relation to the other ministries - informing them about Sámi policy and ensuring that Sámi policy is included when sector policy is formulated, monitoring and assessing the consequences of sector policy in relation to Sámi policy, maintaining an overview of allocations to Sámi policy measures, acting as liaison between the sector ministries and the Sámediggi, and ensuring that procedures for consultations and participation are complied with. It is also the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisations' task to assist ministries that intend to carry out studies of issues that directly affect the Sámi population.

The Ministry’s coordinating role means that the results of Sámi policy are primarily visible through the work done by other ministries and by the Sámediggi.

The different sector ministries have direct and indirect responsibility for Sámi policy issues in that they administer regulations intended to safeguard the special rights of the Sámi population (e.g. parts of the Sámi Act and the Education Act, international conventions and the Reindeer Husbandry Act). They are also responsible for general areas of policy that may have particular consequences for the Sámi population and for political measures in the northernmost counties and/or outlying areas whose primary target group is not the Sámi people, but which also have consequences for Sámi people who live in these areas.

The Sámediggi is the prime definer of terms and dialogue partner for the Government in its Sámi policy. The Sámediggi has also taken over administrative responsibility and policy instruments in certain areas.