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Social dumping

Increased labour immigration has led to problems with social dumping in some industries. Social dumping is deemed to be present both if foreign employees are subject to breaches of health, safety and working environment regulations and if they are paid wages that are unacceptably low.

The Government’s action plan against social dumping contains measures that are intended to contribute to the necessary regulations being put in place and to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Rules about health, safety and the working environment apply to everyone who works in Norway. Important provisions with a bearing on employment relationships also apply to foreign employees through the provisions of the Working Environment Act concerning posted employees. The Tariff Board has issued regulations on the general application of collective wage agreements that entitle foreign workers within the area of application of the regulations to the wages and working conditions that follow from the regulations.

The Labour Inspection Authority and the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway are important players in the efforts to combat social dumping. In addition to supervising that the HSE requirements are complied with, the authorities supervise that the conditions for work permits pursuant to the Immigration Act are complied with and that employees receive the wages and have the working conditions they are entitled to pursuant to regulations concerning the general application of collective agreements.